RST RearSightTool® Gen 1 Universal Field Sight Pusher

This product has been discontinued and is no longer in production

The Gen 1 RST RearSightTool® Universal Field Sight Pusher is a cost effective solution that offers most of the functionality and effectiveness of the Gen 2 tool at a lower price. Overall this tool is much more simple, compact and lighter weight than the Gen 2 tool. The Gen 1 tool is recommended for shooters that are looking for an economical but extremely practical solution to adjust the sights of their guns at the range.

Always ready for the range

The Universal Field Sight Pusher is designed to be as portable as possible so it can be stored in your range bag or gun case so its always at hand. This is achieved by allowing the tool to be dissasembled into a small and tight package.

No handgun disassembly required

Our patent pending design allows for fast and precise rear sight adjustments without the need to disassemble your semi-automatic handgun.  The  Universal Field Sight Pusher won't make you lose precious time on the range.

No extra tools required

Due to the knobs, no spare wrenches or Allen keys  are needed. All the necessary components are usable straight on, minimizing the skill and complication to operate the tool.

Safe for your sights

The Gen 1 UFSP features the Interchangeable Tip System as to avoid damaging your sights. Each tool includes several tips with different levels of hardness that allow you to configure the tool to the task at hand. The hardened steel Reinforced interchangeable tip, in conjunction to the Protection Plate, serve for general use. For sights where the Protection Plate is cumbersome to use, the soft steel and brass Interchangeable Tips can be used directly on your sight. To help you better control the applied force, the stiffness of the tool can be lowered for this case.

Tall sights compatible

We have designed our devices bearing in mind users with handguns equipped with suppressor ready sights. Our tool will work with these sights without the need of spare adapters or accessories.

No more figuring out

Our tools features a quick reference on one of the plates to aid you in using it. Don't waste more time figuring out how the adjustment of the sights work, just give a fast look to the diagram and use it how you need it.

Made in France

Thanks to our location, we are able to access world renowned suppliers. The tools, machinery and parts for our products are the top-est notch quality.

Quality assurance standards

We apply the same quality assurance principles you will find in important and well established companies. This is not only reflected in our physical products, but also in intangible things like our customer service.

Worldwide limited lifetime warranty

All our products come with a limited lifetime warranty. We have the compromise of replacing the entire product or its defective components by new in spec components, to you, anywhere in the world at no charge.

Please be advised that the following is not covered by the warranty or it will void it:

  • Damage, breakage and deformation of the interchangeable tips.
  • Normal wear of the surface finish.
  • Improper use of the tool, abuse or damage due to using it in a way not  intended by the design.
  • The use of the tool with wrenches or any kind of lever
  • Any kind of modification to the product made by the user.

Competitive pricing

To top of all the features, the RST RearSightTool® Universal Field Sight Pushers are priced competitively. We are normal people with feet on the ground that get mad the same way you do when you get ripped off when buying stuff from the shooting world. We don't want this to happen with our products, hence, we try adjusting our prices as much as we can.

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